Dyspraxia and Dyslexia Drivers Licence Requirements

Learning to drive is a major milestone for anyone. Young or old, the joy of driving is something everyone should have a chance to enjoy. Before you can jump behind the wheel and drive off into the countryside, you have to be licenced to do so. That’s where the driving license examination comes in. 

We study the rules, practise manoeuvres, get ready to be judged on our ability to understand and follow the laws. Obtaining your license is challenging, even for the best of us, and it gets even harder when you have something you can’t control working against you. Conditions like Dyslexia and Dyspraxia can make the process of getting your license an even bigger challenge, but that doesn’t mean they should be stripped of the joy of driving. That’s why they aren’t. 

Can Your Get a Drivers Licence if You Have Dyslexia?

Yes, you can obtain a driver’s license. Although you may have to work a little bit harder to understand the complexities of driving with co-ordination and multi-tasking as well as learning the rules of the road. This means you will be just as able than any other driver when you do. Just because you can’t read the name of the road right away doesn’t mean you don’t know where you are going. Having Dyslexia doesn’t mean you can’t get a driving license!

Can You Still Get Your Drivers Licence if you Have Dyspraxia?

You can get your license if you have Dyspraxia, but many choose not to because it’s beyond what they want to deal with. That being said, there are tons of drivers with Dyspraxia who couldn’t imagine living without their license and the freedom it provides. 

What Special Options Are There for Driver’s Tests When You Have Dyslexia?

Throughout the learning process, there are many different pieces and parts to help you learn to drive. 

While you are learning to drive, your instructor will have tips and tricks to help you learn as fast as possible. The best instructors will have adapted techniques that they use to help drivers like you be safe and secure on the road. Our instructors are experienced in NLP  wherever possible. We will teach how you learn without a one size fits all approach. If you have any questions about what types of techniques they use, you should be able to ask them upfront. Each instructor will approach it differently, so talk to a few to find out which one is right for you.

The next form of help comes during the theory test you take to get your license. Here, there are a lot of different bits of help for those in need. If you need more time to take the test, you can submit a request for more time on the theory test. This is especially helpful for those who suffer from reading impairments from Dyslexia. The drivers’ theory test Dyslexia option gives the test taker more time to reread questions. This is to make sure they have a full understanding of what is being asked. 

How Does IQ Driving Help Students With Special Needs?

At IQ Driving, we have a long list of ways to help students with special needs own the road like everyone else. We take the time to work side by side with our students and make sure you have a full understanding of the road rules, road signs, manoeuvres, and questions you might get asked during the test. That’s not just for special needs drivers, that’s for all of our students. We will make sure you are ready to pass your exam the first time, and we won’t just throw you to the wolves as others might. Patience is the name of the game, and we have a lot of it. Our students will always come first, and we love working with everyone.

We can also help you prepare for you for everything you will need to prove you are a driver with Dyslexia or Dyspraxia. 

What Tips Can IQ Driving Give for Those With Dyslexia or Dyspraxia Now?

For now, there are a few tips that we can give drivers with Dyslexia or Dyspraxia to help them navigate the everyday struggles of driving. 

For drivers with Dyslexia, driving can get overwhelming at times, especially when you are in new areas. If you are driving to a new area, you might want to bring an extra set of directions for both there and back. Having a GPS is also extremely helpful when navigating to and through new areas, not to mention getting back home. Take a break if you are getting overwhelmed while you are driving. There is nothing wrong with stopping off for a bite to eat or a spot of tea to help compose yourself. 

For drivers with Dyspraxia, it might be helpful to modify the car a bit to make your experience driving easier. Adding a larger steering wheel can make it easier to turn the vehicle and hold the wheel while you are driving. Adding mirror extensions can help you see more of the road around you, like your blindspots. 

You don’t have to take your test in an automatic car first for a Dyslexia or Dyspraxia drivers licence. Try us, you may be pleasantly surprised how easy it could be. Learning the rules of the road is just the same, as the rules are the rules. We have taught many students over the years with many different needs, from Autism to Aspergers, from ADHD to Anxiety, from Dyslexia to Dyspraxia. Try us, what have you got to lose.

We’re Here To Help Everyone Drive If They Want to Learn

At IQ Driving, teaching people to drive is our passion. We want to work with you because we love what we do. We will work with you through any issues or special needs you have along the journey, and we’ll help you see it through. If you want to drive, we want to help you learn.
Are you ready to see how IQ Driving can help you learn to drive? Then it’s time to book your driving lessons.

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